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20 years
on the market
35 types
of production
300 tons
of yarns per month
LLC Polistar successfully  works in the market of light  industry of Ukraine  since 2003,  having  confidently get the trust of customers and partners.
Our business partners are large manufacturers from Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, Korea, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Uzbekistan.
Polistar LLC has been established and successfully operating in the light (textile) industry market of Ukraine since 2003.

Company’s main activities:
1. Export and import of various synthetic threads and high quality yarn.
2. Own production of pneumatically connected thread.
3. Wholesale and retail sales:
• Polyamide threads;
• Polyester threads;
• Polypropylene threads;
• Elastomeric threads;
• 100% cotton;
• Cotton-acrylic-polyester;
• Acrylic cotton;
• Polyester cotton;
• Acrylic yarn;
• Fancy yarn.

Our regular customers are Ukrainian manufacturers of hosiery, knitwear and garments.

Actively developing, we are ready to offer our customers not only high-quality yarn, but also favorable terms of cooperation: a wide range of products, best prices, providing a complete package of documents, quality assurance for the entire range, and corporate customers also flexible payment system and discounts, free delivery by own vehicles and other individual needs.

Convenient location of the office and warehouses in the city of Chernivtsi can be important for you, where in one place you can get acquainted with the range, make orders, draw up documents and receive products.

We are always happy for new partners and new ideas and will help you build a stable business and attract new customers.

Invite you to cooperate!

Yarn from Polistar company
Yarn from Polistar company
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